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This is a cooperative project spanning across live events and highlighting the works and authors who have been banned and burned by the governments from the Third Reich in Germany to present day efforts to censor literature.On May 10, 1933, thousands of people marched in 22 German cities in support of the "campaign against the un-German spirit". These culminated in major squares, where students threw books and writings into massive fires, burning works authored by Jewish, pacifist, and Marxist people in a mass act of censorship. These books were not burned because they were explicitly against the National Socialist regime led by Adolf Hitler, but because they humanised their authors – people vilified by the state.Ninety years later, we see efforts by governments to censor literature from Iran to Ukraine to the United States.This project originated in Berlin, Germany, where we live among the scars of the Third Reich and all that the campaign against the "un-German spirit" left behind. This project is a reminder to the world that "never again".


Discover the writings burned in the fires and nearly lost for all of time in 1933. From Nelly Sachs to Ernest Hemingway to Helen Keller to Lili Grün – follow @burningofthebooks on TikTok and Instagram.

The Inititors

This project was initiated by Christian Stahl and supported by Stahlmedien and ELDA. Sabine Devins is the social media director. Further support comes from Tucholsky Buchhandlung and Paul Spies of the Humbolt Forum in Berlin.

"You may burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas those books contain have passed through millions of channels and will go on."

Helen Keller

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Project title from Bertolt Brecht'sBurning of the Books

Translated by Michael R. Burch


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